Skydive Cape Cod is not accepting any reservations for the 2014 season. A pending contract renewal has forced us to temporarily halt our operations. We are looking forward to resuming our activities in April 2015. Thank you for your support.

1 508 420 JUMP 1 508 420 5867 Chatham Municipal Airport 240 George Ryder Rd. Chatham, MA 02633 508 420 5867 508 348 1422
Let a little bit
of extreme into your life!
Enjoy the thrilling
skydiving experience!
Jump over the beach and
enjoy the views!

About us

Why Stay grounded?
Let us get some hellium up in your sneakers and come fly with us.

Skydive Cape Cod is a proud member of the USPA and has been ever since it was established in 2007. Our staff is handpicked, experienced instructors, chosen by our Chief instructor Jimmy Mendonca (13,000+ jumps and 28 years in the sport). We have a FAA certified parachute rigger and a Tandem Instructor Examiner on premises at all times. In addition, our staff is 100% drug free and is subjected to drug screening throughout each season.

We are located on the elbow of the Cape in CHATHAM, MA. A privileged location which allows us views of the entire Cape Cod and Islands, as well as Boston's skyline. We are the only dropzone to jump directly over the beaches of Cape Cod.

Ratings and qualifications

01. About our instructors
Jimmy Mendonca: DZ owner, Chief Tandem Instructor, Tandem Inst. Examiner, FAA Rigger, Pro Rated, Pilot, 13,000+ Skydives.
Gustavo Pettersen: Tandem Instructor, Camera Man, Freefall Coach, S&TA (safety and training advisor), Student Pilot, 4,000+ Skydives.
Wellington Farias: Tandem Instructor, AFF instructor, Freefall Coach, Pilot, 4,000+ Skydives.
02. Our ground crew
Matt Benelli: Tandem Instructor Candidate, Freefall Coach, Ground Instruction Crew. 800+ Skydives.
Nancy Flores: Office Manager, Costumer Service Rep, 1 Skydive.
Wade Pulsen: Video Editor, Ground Crew, 8 Skydives.
03. An USPA member Dropzone
The United States Parachute Association is the biggest and most reliable skydiving organization in the world. The licenses and ratings issued by the USPA are recognized by the FAA and in countries all around the world, holding excellent standards. Our dropzone follows the regulations and recommendations ruled by the organization and makes sure to provide the safest training in the industry.
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